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The Septenarium of St Nicholas of Tolentino - Day 1


Our Father,  Hail Mary, Glory Be.

St. Nicholas, Patron of the Holy Souls,

Pray for us


O good Jesus, mystically present upon our altars, renewing the oblation of Calvary for the sake of our salvation, we kneel in silence before thee, as Mary and John and Thy Blessed mother knelt in the silence of that awful moment when the Angel of Dead spread his wings around the cross.  We come to plead with Thee while our thoughts follow Thee down from Calvary to the prisons where the Holy Souls waited through the years of Thy coming.


We plead, dear Jesus, for the for the release of the poor souls now detained in the prisons of purgatory.  We plead through the memory of that moment when Thy agonizing Heart ceased to beat on the cross.  We plead through the merits of the angels that serve Thee, through the merits of the Saints who surround Thee, through the merits of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine, the efficacy of whose great charity towards the poor souls is our encouragement to approach Thy Divine Bounty.


In Thy compassion and mercy for those whom Thou hast redeemed, deign, once again, through the intercession of Saint Nicholas, to open the gates of purgatory that the heavens may see the passing of multitudes to eternal happiness.


Glory Be…

Eternal Rest…

Let us pray:

Grant, we beseech Thee, O Almighty God, that Thy Church, which is made illustrious with the glory of the prodigies and miracles of Saint Nicholas, Thy Blessed confessor, may, by his merits and intercession enjoy perpetual  unity and peace.

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